You Are/You Shall

8 thoughts on “You Are/You Shall”

  1. Hey Bethany!

    I know it’s been years, but reading your post reminded me of a book my dad recently gave me called “the fault in our stars”. It’s a quick, easy read..but subtly contemplates the same things you discuss in your post above. Just thought it might be something you’d be interested in reading (:

    Thanks for sharing your poetry/thoughts.

    All my best,

  2. I like this year in fragments idea. Reminds me of ‘Twenty Lines a Day’ by Harry Mathews. It’s good to suspend judgment and just write.

    Anyway, not sure how I happened upon your blog, and read something I found peaceful. An echo of something or other.

  3. Thanks Bethany! It’s been a long time since we’ve talked! Just wanted to drop by and say hey.
    I love that you have committed to creating something every day. Thanks for having the courage to share your poems with us! I am really looking forward to reading more throughout this year. The poem is beautiful as well as the challenge that comes with it!

  4. Nicely done, Bethany. Walker Percy quote…love it. Don’t think it’s just folks your age looking, trying to resist what the planners say we are, or the profile pictures, or whatever. Those of us who’ve been around while know that if you’re going to live looking for that honest place, the search is not going to end. Thought I found it….whoops, here comes the adventure all over again. Loved the poem…thanks for stopping by my blog…we need all the inspiration we can get, yes? Keep writing…

    1. Very kind words, Jeff! I’m pleased that you enjoyed this fragment. I am looking forward to exploring this question and theme further in future. And I very much enjoyed browsing your work, thank you for your input.

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